Slay rosé hand lettering for Alex Lazaris -
"When it's time to rosé all day, make sure it slays. Slay Rosé brings an edge to the Rosé market. Slay Rosé is the antithesis of the “basic” rosés in the market. Born with an edge, counterculture is embedded in it's brand DNA."
Featured in Adobe Dimension gallery on Behance 10.25.2019
Alex shot me a line with the idea to do a black metal branded wine logo, we laughed, Gahhl frowned, a cold wind began to bluster.
"Why would you ever want to make an illegible logo" -Literally everyone. 
Because we can.
Lettering was sketched in Adobe Fresco, and cleaned up with Adobe Illustrator. Initial concepts were completed in Adobe Dimension, final product was shot by ©wearelazaris (Alex Lazaris).

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