2021 The Webby Awards People's Voice Winner:
Websites and Mobile Sites Television & Film
Where Will Your Story Begin?

Art Direction: Erin Ong
Design: Erin Ong, Leon Ingram, Nicole Vatland
Development: Nicole Vatland
Producer: Krista Haley
Manager of Franchise: Kyle Zabala
Executive Partner: Amy Astley
Video Production: Leon Ingram, Nicole Vatland
Photography: Leon Ingram, Nicole Vatland
Become the hub or all animation recruitment efforts by showcasing careers, internships, technological advancements, and a rich studio legacy that spans almost 100 years.
Create an accessible experience highlighting opportunities within the studio by showcasing the diverse talent that builds timeless films that generation after generation will enjoy.
Images © Disney

Our 5 word speech for the webbys

"Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive."
- Walt Disney

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